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My daily activities are adapted to suit the needs of the children I have in my care on any one day, I always take into account your child's own personal routine and the ages of the children present.

I like to ensure there is always a good mix of adult-led activities and child-initiated play. Children learn through play and therefore every activity is a fantastic learning opportunity for them.

Everyday I try to spend some of the day outside, wether this is a trip to the park, a walk aroud the local woods or even just a good run around in the garden, there are so many brilliant ways of extending a childs learning through outdoor activities.

For even the youngest children in my care I make sure that their development needs are met by having a bright, colurful setting with lots of texture, movement and sound. I introduce lots of tactile play opportunities and sensory rich play experiences such as exploring the "treasure baskets" which include many household and natural items for your child to touch, smell and taste.

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Current Theme

Every 6-8 weeks we use a theme/topic to help give the children in our care a focus for their learning, this helps with our planning and ensures we have all the resources available to us for the weeks ahead.

Our current theme is transport including christmas. We will introduce the children to many different areas of learning and from our activities and outings the children will learn: 

  • To understand all about road safety.
  • Experience handling different materials.
  • To explore different textures through messy play.
  • Enjoy making christmas decorations, presents and cards.
  • To ask questions, investigate and explore. 

Our Home corner will be turned into a garage where there will be play money, tool kits, dress up and cardboard boxes for the children to explore. The children will be making Christmas tree decorations using lolly sticks, stick on jewels and stickers. Making a hand print tree as a group. Looking at other countries from around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. There will be lots of opportunities to experience many new and different materials during our tectile play, from blow painting, looking at movement to rescuing animals from the snow storm using coloured faux snow. We will also enjoy a trip to winter wonderland at harkness roses. There will be a Christams party with games and a small disco with singing and dancing, to round off our topic at the end of the year.

Activities Minimize

Art and Craft


Mark making, painting, cutting, gluing, sticking, and modeling. I have a themed display board to showcase the children’s work. If it can be stuck we will stick, it if it can be drawn we will draw it!
Tactile play - I love nothing more than the playroom floor covered with Shredded paper, bowls filled with anything from jelly crystals to gloop (cornflour) to soap flakes. Faux snow, silly foam, cooked and dried pasta sitting in the tuff spot trays. All offering there own unique enjoyment, helping the children to explore different textures in a fun enviroment.
Music & Singing - Banging pots and pans, shaking homemade marracca's. Stamping our feet on the floor, clapping our hands to a beat, the neighbours may call it noise but we prefer to call it music! I use a range of well known nursery rhymes which we sing and sign to and the children love joining in and showing us the actions they have learnt.
Story time
- Acting out stories with puppets, taking it in turns to read out loud or just relaxing and unwinding with a story and a cuddle.
Role Play - From shopping in the supermarket, flying in a rocket to a space centre, or just picking up our pet dragon from the vets. A child's imagination can be vast and we love to join them on their journey! Be it taking part or enhancing their play with materials, boxes or setting up the play panels to create a scene, we never stop the flow of a child's make believe world.
Outdoors -

Sailing our paper boats down the local river, den building in the garden. Mini olympics in the summer, racing against our friends on the ride ons. Sand and water play, collecting natures treasurs. Planting and caring for our fruit and vegetables, fingers crossed they grow! Just some of the fun things the outdoors brings.

Cooking - Whether it be sifting flour or chopping vegetables our mini chefs love to bake cakes, kneed bread, make pizzas and decorate cookies but I can't guarantee there will be any left by the end of the day to send home for mum and dad to try!
TV / DVD - With so many fun things to do in the day there's not much time for tv.
PC / Internet - Limited time is available on the internet or pc and all children will be closely supervised. Restrictions are set on our internet as to what children may view.

PLEASE NOTE:- All of our toys and equipment are checked daily for damage and all comply with UK safety requirements.

All toys and equipment are steam cleaned to sterilise regularly.


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